Harry Potter Limited Edition Gift Set – Years 1-5 DVDs + More

This limited edition Harry Potter gift set is chock full of exclusive Harry Potter goodies, all packed inside an authentic leather style trunk. It is a must have for any true Potter fan. First off, the first 5 films are included on DVD, all of which have their own exclusive designs. Also included are two other discs. The first of which is a unique interactive DVD game called ‘Hogwarts Challenge’ which has 14 adventure games based on Harry Potter films 1-3, and has clips from the fourth and fifth films. This only requires a DVD with remote control and can be used by up to four players with varying levels of Potter knowledge and skill. The second disc is full of bonus scenes and content from the first 5 Harry Potter films and has more than 3 hours of runtime. The set also contains a number of sets of Harry Potter trading cards that correspond to the first four films.

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Update: At the time of release, the gift set had space for the last 2 years of Harry Potter. However, since the 7th book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was split into two films, there may not be enough space in the set to pack in the final film! So, we recommend that you wait for the Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows release date of December 2nd buy the Complete Collection!

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