Harry Potter Audiobook Box Set – Narrated by Jim Dale

This Harry Potter Audiobook box set is an alternative to the other complete audiobook boxset which is narrated by Stephen Fry. Narrated by Grammy Award-winning Jim Dale, this set contains all 7 books. Dale does a wonderful job of the narration with very personal voice for every single character (of which there are MANY), and maintains them throughout all 7 books.

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It is worth noting that this Jim Dale version is the American version of the books so there are slight textual differences (click here to see them all!). Jim Dale also gives a much more energetic approach to the narrative in contrast with Stephen Fry’s soothing tone. Which one you prefer will definitely be a personal choice. I personally wanted the ‘true’ English version of the script so stuck to the Fry version. Of course either box set will be fantastic though, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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